Club Penguin Island Idea: Customize Penguin Colour!

Hello Penguins,

I have been brainstorming ideas to share with the Community as well as the Club Penguin Island Team, but I felt that I should gather the community’s thoughts about the idea, and we can built onto it and then send it to the Club Penguin Island Team, remember you can always comment below or Tweet me on Twitter. Anyways onto the idea.

Playing virtual worlds as a kid, I have learn’t a lot about what other players as well as myself love to do, and one of the things is customization. Kids love to design and colour clothing and such to their liking, now Club Penguin Island has hit that activity greatly with the game, and I think it’ll be a huge success. But maybe they can take it to the next level, and add a Customize your own Penguin Colour.


Now I would suggest this being a Member feature, since I think that they should use the current Fabric colours/patterns as the customization colours that you can use to pick a new colour. They could name it “Paint Your Penguin”, and you could also save that new Penguin Colour in Your Closet, so it’s easier to put back on.

What do you think of this idea? Comment below.

Waddle On!


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