What do the Flags mean on Club Penguin Island?

Hey there Penguins,

You may be thinking, “Oh, the Flags are just there to be colourful and such”. I thought that myself although during one of Club Penguin Island’s Loading Screens, it says “Some flags stand for letters…” Which has gotten me thinking that they might be hiding something within the Flags, it might not be something big, but it’s a neat puzzle for them to include and use more in the future, kinda like the Tic Tac Code from Club Penguin.

The first set/line of Flags that most Penguins will see are the ones above the Welcome Hut in Beacon Boardwalk, if the camera angle isn’t the best, you can jump in the middle for a better view.

  • Blue with a White X Flag – This is the Flag for Scotland.
  • Half Orange, Half Pink Flag –
  • White and Purple Checkered Flag –
  • White with a Small Blue Square Flag –
  • Half Pink, Half Blue Flag –


The second set/line of Flags can be seen in many spots in the the Coconut Cove, like above the Coconut Cove entrance, above the Cove’s Stage, and again at the Lifeguard Station.

  • Pink with a White Fish/Shark Flag – This could be a Shark or a type of Fish.
  • Blue with a White X Flag – This is the Flag for Scotland.
  • White and Black Checkered Flag –
  • Half Pink, Half Yellow Flag –
  • Blue, White, Red Flag – This is the Flag of Costa Rica.


I have in-completed this post on purpose, since I haven’t personally or neither of my friends have figured out anymore information about the Flags, and I felt that this might be a fun little community post for you all to help figure out as well with us.

If you have any guesses to what some of the other Flags could mean or you have your own theory, comment below or Tweet me, Quester. I would love to hear what you have in mind.

Waddle On!




  1. The flags are the International maritime signal flags, each one stands for a different letter, the code in the Beacon Boardwalk means “Mouse” (I’m not the sure about the other one) hope it helped 😛


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