Daily Challenges: January 12, 2017

Hey there Penguins,

Here’s your guide for the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island today! They will refresh to new Daily Challenges everyday at Midnight PST. We have given you a written guide as well as a picture guides. If you are still unsure, comment below.


When You Wish: Jump 3 times at the Wish Squid Fountain. (Waddle to the far right side of the Beacon Boardwalk, and just above the Waterslide is a Fountain with a Squid made of Stone. Jump 3 times in front of it.)


Plunges For Sponges: Collect 3 sponge clusters in the Sea Caves. (Waddle to the Sea Caves and dive in. The first set of Sponge Clusters is front of the Race Course which is your first left. The second set of Sponge Clusters is on the opposite side of the Race Course, just before you take that tunnel to your right. The third set of Sponge Clusters is just below the Party Submarine, which is your second left turn.)

02 Easy: Refill your air from a bubble while diving. (Waddle to the Sea Caves and dive in, there are many Air Bubbles where you can refill at, we have use the first and fastest one to use. It’s located at the Party Submarine Arrow Sign, when you dive in just keep swimming straight down.)



(Member)More Cocoa Than Penguin: Together, drink 1,000 cocoas total while tubing in the lazy river. (As a Member, purchase a Hot Cocoa, or Cocoa Tray to share with others.  In Coconut Cove, there is a selection of different looking water effects shortly after the Waterfall that’s where you hop onto your tube then drink your Hot Cocoa.)


Waddle On!


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