Rookie and Gary coming to Club Penguin Island?!

Hey Penguins,

The official Club Penguin Team has released their Best of 2016 Mash-Up, it’s a video that Club Penguin does every year to show off the best memories and times we all had on Club Penguin is that year. I personally loved the fan arts that they featured in it, and of course the new Club Penguin Island little sneak peeks that they featured in it.

In the Best of 2016 Mash-Up we got to see some current Club Penguin Characters in the Club Penguin Island design, and knowing their default outfits/colours, we can assume that these two Penguins are Gary the Gadget Guy and Rookie. It’s great to be seeing some familiar Penguins entering the Club Penguin Island.

Photo taken by Flippy.

This other sneak peek I felt kinda iffy about posting, since I can’t really tell if this is what it is, and nothing is confirmed by the Club Penguin Island Team, so this is just a guess that I’m taking, but this next image looks to be a Penguin and what could be a Puffle, a Dino Puffle. We know that Puffles in Club Penguin Island are tough for the Team to add in and get them to work, so this might just be an image of what they are trying to get it to look like in-game. If this image is confirmed as a Puffle, I would love to chat more about it, but until we can. I would like to just keep it as a guess.

Photo taken by Flippy.

Do you want to watch the Club Penguin Best of 2016 Mash-Up video, you can view it here on the Official Club Penguin What’s New Blog or on Official Club Penguin’s Youtube.

Waddle On!



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