Club Penguin Island Friend’s List Max Limit?!

Hello Penguins,

We all love making new friends on Club Penguin, and now we can make even more friends while online on Club Penguin Island. Although there is a Friend’s List max limit on how many you can have as Added Friends, and we may have found the max limit, but remember Club Penguin Island is still in Beta Testing, so these numbers could change after Beta Testing is finished.

Thanks to a great friend of mine, TheBrickPal, we might have a max limit so far for the Friend’s List. I remember a few weeks ago, TheBrickPal wanted to see what the limit was, and he may have just achieved the knowledge. We believe that the max limit for Members on Club Penguin Island is 205 friends. Although he did mention “When you keep adding friends after that the number goes down then back up, it depends.” So it’s possible to add more than 205, but the list starts to get very buggy, and you start to get Error Messages, when trying to add more than that number. Since the Limit is 205 for Members, I’m guessing that the Friend’s List max limit for Non-Members would either be 100 or 105. That is still plenty of friends to make and add.



After Club Penguin Island Beta Testing is over, I could see them adding a higher max limit, but with the Club Penguin Friend’s List being very buggy,  I could also see them not. We shall see, either way I’m happy. Need help with How to Search and Add Friends, check out our previous post, here.

Waddle On!


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