How do I Fish on Club Penguin Island?

Hey Penguins,

Fishing is one of the many fun activities that you can interact with on Club Penguin Island. Fishing is a Members-Only feature, but that could change in the future. Our Activities page offers great guides on everything Fishing as well as other fun activities, and I thought I give you a post on the basic information about Fishing. If you want some more information about it, check out the full page, here.


The Fishing Spot is located in Beacon Boardwalk, on the left side, it’ll have Fishing Rods, and a wooden Fish Sign. To begin Fishing, grab a Fishing Rod by the wooden Fish Sign then waddle up to the edge of the Dock and interact with the Water. Your Penguin will then cast out a line, and you will see the fishes swimming under the water near your bobber. Once a fish has bitten your line, the orange interact will light up. Tap it, until you have successfully caught it. Then Collect what you caught. Remember you can fish up to ten times a day, the timer restarts at Midnight PST.


For more information on Fishing and other fun activities in Club Penguin Island, check out our Activities page.

Waddle On!

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