Club Penguin Island themed Party happening on Club Penguin, January 5!

Hello Penguins,

If you have been keeping up to date on the Official Club Penguin What’s New Blog, then you have heard about the Club Penguin Island themed party happening on Club Penguin (Desktop). If not, we would love to first inform you of it.


The Club Penguin Team (Desktop) has decided to host a Club Penguin Island themed party on Club Penguin to help prepare and showcase their latest project, Club Penguin Island. On January 5, you will be able to experience the Club Penguin Island App through Club Penguin, and receive some of the iconic items that you have witnessed in Club Penguin Island gameplay, like the Alumni Jacket, the Tube and much more.

I think this party will hype up Club Penguin Island even more, than it already is. I hope you all enjoy the party, and I will be showcasing some of the news from it on here. So keep checking back, for our daily content.

Waddle On!


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