What I think should happen to Club Penguin after Club Penguin Island is Released!

Hello Penguins,

We all have had this thought, sometime within the last few months, something that has been on every Club Penguin (Desktop) player’s mind since some of us has starting gaining access to the Club Penguin Island Beta. What is going to happen to Club Penguin (Desktop) after Club Penguin Island is released worldwide?


At the moment, the Club Penguin Team hasn’t confirmed/declined anything to be changing within the game or how it’ll work. Although some of us are guessing that they will be slightly changing Club Penguin, since they will be focusing more on Club Penguin Island, but it looks like they want to keep Club Penguin open. Will they continue having monthly parties, new clothing, etc. The Team is keeping that information sealed from the public, and for good reasons. For now, on their Help Pages, it states that Club Penguin is still here, so don’t worry.


So if Club Penguin does decide to downsize to less parties, or just bring in old/used items, I have another route that the Club Penguin Team could use/brainstorm, and in my eyes, I could see it being a success, but only if we support the Club Penguin Team.

My idea for Club Penguin after they release Club Penguin Island worldwide, is to bring back Old Club Penguin in a way.. I think that they should release/rename some of the Servers and they can be a certain past Party/Event. And at those parties they could use a mix years of that party, like a mix year rooms of different Halloween Parties or just reborn an old party for new Penguins to experience for the first time, and old Penguins to re-experience it and remember fun and good memories. Meaning older Penguins will re-purchase Memberships as well as new Penguins.


I feel that this will be a success, but another one of my Childhood open-world game like Club Penguin, called Runescape did something similar like this, where they used a previous version/backup of the game’s source code and made Old School Runescape, and that game quickly saw player counts equaling those of the main version of the game. I think if Club Penguin did something like this, they could see the same numbers or even higher than the current version.

I remember reading a comment made by Club Penguin Team’s Megg, where finding and coding previous rooms/parties aren’t as easy as it may sound like, since technology is always updating/upgrading. But if they could at least just create some Old School Club Penguin servers, I’m sure they will see some peaks in Users, and Memberships. I could add more to this post, but I also want to see what you the players would love to see happen on Club Penguin after they release Club Penguin Island.

Waddle On!



One comment

  1. In reply to your last paragraph in this post, Club Penguin technically can revert to their old ways. You need to understand that even though technology may be updating, it is still possible to use their old ways. Have you never seen a CPPS before? Most of them use Old CP. I’d get your eyes or computer checked, you might be blind. Look around for crying out loud! It was Disney’s decision to make Club Penguin how it is today, and it was their decision to become lazy and lose their users. Club Penguin could revert to how they were back in the good days anytime!


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