Why do I need both a Penguin Name and a Username for Club Penguin Island?

Hello Penguins,

If you’re a regular Club Penguin (Desktop) player, you know that you must just chose a Penguin Name, and that’s all, no Username or anything else like that. But with Club Penguin Island they have changed that, made it safer for your account, by adding a Username as well as your Penguin Name.

As many of you know your Penguin Name is the name that other penguins will see you as on Club Penguin Island, but your Username will be what you use to log into Club Penguin Island. Meaning you can have a completely different Username compared to your Penguin Name, so if you’re worried about hackers or something, we advise you to do something different from your Penguin Name.


If you have anymore questions about Club Penguin Island Usernames / Penguin Names, please contact Support@ClubPenguinIsland.com for further assistance.

Waddle On!

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