Will my Club Penguin Membership work for Club Penguin Island?

Hey Penguins,

For most Club Penguin Island players, we are almost all Members on the Desktop version of Club Penguin and plan to purchase a Membership on Club Penguin Island as well. But a lot of players were confused on if you could link your Club Penguin Membership with your Club Penguin Island account. We have your answer.

Membership for Club Penguin can’t be used on Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin Island is a unique experience with new items, adventures, and membership features. So if you link a Club Penguin account currently with a Membership to a Club Penguin Island account, your Membership won’t be transferred over. I understand some may be upset about this choice, but you must understand that Club Penguin Island is a whole new experience and game, but still has the same fun and known concept that we adore from Club Penguin.


If you have anymore questions about Club Penguin Island Membership(s), please contact Support@ClubPenguinIsland.com for further assistance.

Waddle On!


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