I forgot my Club Penguin Island Username/Password!

Hey Penguins,

Forgetting what your Club Penguin Island Username and/or Password can be a very scary feeling, but don’t worry we and the Club Penguin Island Support Team are here to help you resolve and gain access again to your Penguin. Remember the Club Penguin Island Help staff will never ask for your Penguin information (Password/Email). We are simply here to give you advice and a step-to-step guide on how the Club Penguin Island Support Team can assist you with your forgotten Username/Password.


When first signing into Club Penguin Island, remember to use your Disney account Username, and not your in-game Username. Example: My Disney Username is ILovePizza, but my Club Penguin Island in-game Username is ILovePizza64, I would use ILovePizza to sign into my account.

The first steps to gaining access back your Account back.

  1. Tap “Forgot username or password” below the sign-in button.
  2. Enter the parent email address used when signing up for Club Penguin Island.
  3. Disney Account Member Services will send you an email to your parent’s inbox. Please ask them to check for it.

*Reminder: Has an email from Disney Account Member Services not arrived after 15 minutes? No problem! It might have ended up in your parent’s junk mail, so remind them to check there too*


Once your Parents have received the Disney Account Member Services, follow these steps.

  1. Tap on Recover Disney Account to open the account manager.
  2. Here you can see any usernames you might have forgotten.
  3. Click on the down arrow next to an account if you want to change the username or password.
  4. Enter a new username or password.
  5. Log into Club Penguin Island with the username and password you’ve created.

After all this, you should be able to log into Club Penguin Island, if not please contact Support@ClubPenguinIsland.com for further assist.

Waddle On!

Was this post helpful? If you have any questions that weren’t in our Help Pages, comment below, and one of the CPIHelp Staff will get back to you, and/or send a Tweet over to @NobleQuester!

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