How to Search and Add Friends on Club Penguin Island?!

Hey Penguins,

One of the most important feature in Club Penguin Island is to meet new friends and play games with them, because Club Penguin Island is way more fun with friends to join you. We are going help show you how to Add Friends, how to Search Friends and some more neat little information about Friends.

How to Add a Penguin you see:

  1. Tap on the Penguin that you want to add.
  2. Tap on + Add Friend.
  3. Wait for them to Accept or Decline your Friend Request.

How to Search and Add a Penguin:

  1. Tap My Penguin – My Friends.
  2. Tap Add Friend.
  3. Type your Friend’s Penguin in the Search Field and tap the Checkmark.
  4. Tap on + Add Friend.
  5. Wait for them to Accept or Decline your Friend Request.
Photo of Bacon taken by Quester.

While you wait until they Accept or Decline your Friend Request, they will appear at the bottom of your Friend’s List with a Pending. Once they are your Friend they will have a Blue Heart in-front of their Username in-game. You can Jump to Friend if online, where you can jump to their current location on the game.

Photo of Bacon and Quester taken by Bacon.

Also if a Friend is offline they will have ZZ appearing above their Penguins. If you have a big list of Friends, you can use the “Type here to search” field to look up a Penguin in your Friend’s List. When a Penguin sends you a Friend Request, it will appear as a small tab at the top, select the Checkmark to add them and the X to decline them. To remove a Friend, tap on their Penguin’s Profile and select the “…”, then tap on bottom tab “Unfriend”.

Photo of Quester’s Friend’s List taken by Quester.

Waddle On!

Was this post helpful? If you have any questions that weren’t in our Help Pages, comment below, and one of the CPIHelp Staff will get back to you, and/or send a Tweet over to @NobleQuester!

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