Can I bring anything from Club Penguin to Club Penguin Island?!

Hello Penguins,

One of the most popular questions asked from Club Penguin (Desktop) players, Can you bring anything from Club Penguin to Club Penguin Island? and the Club Penguin Island Team has finally released the answer to the public.


The answer to the big question is No, but in a way, it could be a Yes as well. Although your Penguin’s Items/Clothing, Coins, Puffles, etc. can’t be transfer over to your Club Penguin Island Penguin.


But with some Penguin Usernames you can still keep your original Club Penguin Username and have it as that on Club Penguin Island too. Which for many players, they will love that, because we all know how difficult it is to figure out a Username. As well although this may not be a Club Penguin item, might be released at the Club Penguin Island Party on Club Penguin in January of 2017. If you link your Club Penguin Island account with your Club Penguin account, you will receive an Alumni Jacket, that has the age (years) of your Club Penguin account, read more about it here.

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You can also re-create most of the classic Club Penguin items/clothing for you to re-create your Club Penguin regular outfit, or even create them in a new colour. But most importantly you can share your Club Penguin knowledge and experience with new and old players on Club Penguin Island. Remember it’s a whole new experience.

Waddle On!

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  1. Club penguin has been a childhood for me and I shocked me upon hearing about its closure as a desktop website.I have been a penguin ever since the plaza was just consisting of just 2 buildings just the pizza place and the puddle shop. I saddened me as I am unable to transfer my hardship and memories of the old items I have collected ever since the start to be unable to pass it into club penguin island. Indirectly stating that I have lost all my childhood. Figuratively.


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