Why didn’t I receive the Alumni Jacket?

Hey There Penguins,

Many of you may be wondering what the Alumni Jacket is? Well it’s a special Jacket that your Penguin will receive along with the Beta Hat when Pre-registering for Club Penguin Island. Although all players that Pre-register will receive the Beta Hat, but not all will get the Alumni Jacket, Why not? and how to for sure get one.

Photo by Tomisino1.com

The Alumni Jacket is a blue/yellow jacket with a number on the back, the number on the back is how old your Club Penguin account is that you linked with your Club Penguin Island account. Meaning that only Penguins that have linked their Club Penguin account to their Club Penguin Island account will receive the Jacket.

When Pre-registering your Club Penguin Island account, they will ask you if you own a Club Penguin account, select the checkmark and log into your Club Penguin account. Then how ever old your Club Penguin account is, is what number will be on your Jacket.

If you don’t own a Club Penguin account, live in the selected countries or linked yours to your Club Penguin Island Account, you will not receive the Alumni Jacket. Like for myself, I didn’t want to link a Club Penguin account to my Club Penguin Island account, Quester, and I don’t have one, but I also don’t mind.

Waddle On!


  1. I downloaded Club Penguin Island and it didn’t even ask if I had a Club Penguin account. I remember pre-registering and when I tried to name my penguin Spartan1347 which was my Club Penguin username, it said that it was taken meaning I did pre-register. How do you ink your CPI account to CP???


    1. When Pre-Registering they asked to link your Club Penguin account to your Club Penguin Island account. If you did that, it should have worked, if not contact them at (support@clubpenguinisland.com)


  2. I’ve had the same issue, I linked my account and I didn’t get my Alumni Jacket. I’ve contacted CPI support. Hopefully, CPI support gets back to me on this matter. This is devastating.


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