Fun Things to do as a Non-Member in Geo-Beta!

Hello Penguins,

Many of the Testers currently in the Club Penguin Island Geo-Beta are non-members due to them not having a credit card linked to their App Store / Google Play accounts or playing outside of the selected countries. Since Club Penguin Island is still currently in Geo-Beta a lot of the game has been limited to what Non-Members and even Members can access and do around the game. Although after Club Penguin Island releases world-wide that will surely change for both groups.

You may think as a Non-Member, there isn’t much to do during the Geo-Beta, but you will be surprised with how much you can currently do as a Non-Member.


Did you know that Non-Members can do usually up to one to two Daily Challenges, although this changes everyday so some days you’ll only be able to do one and the next you’ll be able to complete two. As well as waddle around and collect Treasures/Collectibles and exchange them in for Coins, so you can save up for if you decide to purchase a Membership in world-wide release. There are even some clothing that you’ll able to design and get great at designing clothing, but you can’t wear them. But you know what is the best part, is that you can socialize and meet new friends on the Island, and that’s the most important part of the game.


Remember that Club Penguin Island is currently still in Testing, so they could change a lot of things that could add more for Non-Members to do, so keep the positive thinking coming, and report any bugs or glitches to the Club Penguin Island Support Team.

Waddle On!


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