Daily Challenges: December 24, 2016

Hey Penguins,

Here’s your guide for the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island today! They will refresh to new Daily Challenges everyday at Midnight PST. We have given you a written guide as well as a picture guides. If you are still unsure, comment below.


(Member)Sign Up: Use a lifeguard shark sign by the Boardwalk rowboat. (To get the Shark Sign, go into My Inventory – Gear – Lifeguard Kit – Shark Sign. The Boardwalk Rowboat is located slightly to your right, you can see it from the spawn point.


Lurchin’ For Urchins: Grab a crystal cluster guarded by sea urchins.  (The Crystal Cluster that you must grab is located in the Sea Caves, South-East, swim until you see the Party Submarine Arrow Sign from there go right. You will see a big spinning circle of Sea Urchins, boost yourself into the middle of them to grab the Crystal Cluster.)


(Member)Swiss Cheese: Use a Sword to poke 10 holes in pirate cheese. (To get a Sword, go into My Inventory – Gear – Wooden Sword or grab a Wooden Sword from the middle deck on the Migrator. Now waddle to the Stinky Cheese directly behind Rockhopper, and use any of the three options ten times to poke it.)



Look on the Bright Side: Brighten the island! Use 5,000 glowsticks total. (As a Member you must purchase Glowsticks from the Deep Sea Shop in the Glow Grotto, located south of the Sea Caves. Since this a community challenge, you must work together to have everyone purchase 5,000 Glowsticks. Non-Members can still use Glowsticks if a Member has a Glowstick Pack to share and they can also collect the reward if completed by the community.)



Waddle On!



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