Club Penguin Island Max Level! So far!

Hey Penguins,

I have seen that some Club Penguin Island players have already reached an Overall Max Level by doing Daily Challenges and Adventures. As you may know their are so far three Penguin Levels, your Overall Level, your Aunt Arctic Level, and your Rockhopper Level. Your Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper Levels are added together to make your Overall Penguin Level.

I have discovered the Max Overall Level so far in the game, 12 meaning that the Max Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper Level you can achieve at this point in-game is 6. You might be thinking, “Oh so that’s it for Leveling up”, No, because we are only in the Beta period of the game, they have a limit on how much we can do.


Once Club Penguin Island is released worldwide, they will add more Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper and other new/old Characters Adventures into the game, to increase the Overall Max Penguin Level.

Waddle On!



  1. Guys. There’s a lantern in the box outside the construction place. There is a lantern in only one place-in front of the lighthouse. Does this mean we’re going to see inside?


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