Club Penguin Island is Rockhopper Island?!

Hey Penguins,

If you been a fan of Club Penguin (Desktop), you more likely have heard of Rockhopper Island, pretty much is Rockhopper’s vacation island while he isn’t out travelling. Although not much is known about Rockhopper Island, but with the information that we currently have about Rockhopper Island, Club Penguin Island has many of the same features and landmarks.

Red Puffles:

Now we all know that the Red Puffles are originally from Rockhopper Island, but we haven’t seen much about Puffles yet on Club Penguin Island, but there is much more for us to explore on Club Penguin Island.

Tropical Island:

Rockhopper’s Island has been mentioned to be a tropical island, with palm trees and sandy shores which in the Coconut Cove room on Club Penguin Island, has both of those. Plus Rockhopper Island is suppose to be warmer than Club Penguin and that may be why there is less snow on Club Penguin Island. As well as Rockhopper said that there is a large cave that he hides all his treasure inside, which could be the Deep Sea Caves, since you can find many Ship Parts and Treasure Chests inside of it. The Deep Sea Caves is connected to a Volcano, which Rockhopper has mention is near his Cave full of treasures.

Stinky Cheese:

If you’re a fan of Rockhopper you will know that he loves his Stinky Cheese, and on Rockhopper Island he says that there is a Stinky Cheese restaurant, now we don’t have any known Restaurants on Club Penguin Island, although you can buy Stinky Cheese through the Welcome/Fun Hut.

Former Staff Member hinted at it?

In a Ask Polo Field (in 2014),(former Club Penguin Team member), he was asked if Penguins would ever get to visit Rockhopper Island and he said “perhaps one day….”, and 2014 was the first year that Club Penguin Island was hinted to the players. So was Polo Field referring to Club Penguin Island…

With the facts that we have discussed in this post, they all point to Rockhopper Island being Club Penguin Island, but what do you think?

Waddle On!




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