Drink Coffee, Eat Cake, Earn Free Coins!

Hey Penguins,

You can now purchase temporary items such as food, fireworks, and even give yourself and others free Coins. At the Welcome Market you can purchase Party Blasters, where you waddle up to a large group of Penguins and it’ll make a circle and all the Penguins in that circle will receive Coins from your Party Blaster.

Getting hungry? Well you can purchase a nice warm cup of Coffee to enjoy with friends or even a slice of a nice fish pizza. Or are you in the celebrating mood, you can purchase some fireworks to launch off, and enjoy a piece of cake while you watch your fireworks.


Now if you’re the exploring type of Penguins you could go and discover the Deep Sea Shop in the Sea Caves, and at that Shop you can buy Glow Sticks to really make the Party feel alive. You can find all your purchased items in your Party Supplies in My Inventory.

Waddle On!

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