Designing your Clothing your way!

Hey Penguins,

Now in Club Penguin Island you can create and design your own Clothing to wear. This is a great feature that the Team has added, since now you can design clothing to your favourite colours/textures/fabrics, and even add decals to them. With the fabrics and decals you can rotate and size them to your choosing.

Although most Clothing is level-based requirement and Membership, so the higher the level you are the more Clothes, Fabrics, and Decals you can play around with and wear. But some Clothing are collected from certain Adventures that you can do on the Island.

Have a Clothing that you don’t like anymore or messed up on? Well you can also delete Clothing (not Adventure ones) now on Club Penguin Island. All you do is tap on the Trash Can and tap “X” on the Clothing that you want removed. At the bottom you can sort your Clothing into categories to make it easier.


When putting Clothing on, you can either tap on the Clothing or drag it onto your Penguin, but to remove a piece of Clothing off, you must tap it from in Your Closet.

Waddle On!


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